how i work

Currently I offer two possible Support Levels:

  • Support L1: I implement your ongoing Website updating orders as immediate as possible; ; these orders must only be about content such as text, images, audio or video documents. Included are any opinions or recommendations from me, both regarding the quality of the delivered material, as well as in the sense of possible improvements in the design and structure of your website.

  • Support L2: : In addition to the services in the Support L1 package , I offer you continuous optimization in the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) area, using key tools to objectively measure, monitor and improve features such as reach, quality or legal compliance of your website.

Note: if your homepage was not developed by me, then I can basically only give you recommendations; the concrete implementation measures fall mostly on the side of the developer.

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As a webmaster, I understand myself, not just as a "passive" recipient and implementer of update tasks, but rather as your partner and adviser. I look at your orders with constructive critical eyes and give you, if possible, recommendations in the sense of:

  • Quality of your texts.

  • Improvements in the graphical or structural design of your homepage.

  • Optimizing the reach of your WEB presence

my target customers

  • Did you have your homepage developed with me? Then I'm your ideal WEB master, because I know it best and "from the inside".

  • Do you have a small business? Do you represent a small to medium sized organization, association or community? Has your homepage been developed by another provider and you do not have a WEB master yet? Then I would be glad to be your WEB master.